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    Glacier Drywall Systems Inc.

    We Take Pride In Drywall

    Roxul insulation installed as sound barrier between ceiling joists to cut down on noise transfer.

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    Glacier Drywall Systems Inc.

    We Take Pride In Drywall

    Glacier Drywall will finish your basement stairs ceiling with attention to detail in mind. We custom finished these risers in order to maximize head room and end up with an attractive custom look to the stairs.

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    Glacier Drywall Systems Inc.

    We Take Pride In Drywall

    Custom accents such as these ceiling coffers must have straight lines, the bead must be installed properly and the finishing perfected so the feature is an attractive addition to a new home.

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    Glacier Drywall Systems Inc.

    We Take Pride In Drywall

    Glacier Drywall always super-seals their vapor barrier to electrical boots on ceilings using acoustic-sealant caulking and sheathing tape. We also install caulking on all top and bottom plates and inside wood stud corners, and in the gap between double and triple adjacent wood studs to mazimize the vapor seal.

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    Glacier Drywall Systems Inc.

    We Take Pride In Drywall

    Some electricians will use strips of poly instead of electrical manufactured boots around pot-lights in new home construction. We take the time to properly lay out these poly strips so the 6-mil poly vapor barrier can be installed and acoustic-sealant caulked to provide a permanent air seal. Glacier Drywall installs all types of batt and Roxul insulation in walls and ceilings.

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    Glacier Drywall Systems Inc.

    We Take Pride In Drywall

    Coffered ceiling with a crown moulding inset. Attention to detail is our trademark for a spectacular finish.

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    Glacier Drywall Systems Inc.

    We Take Pride In Drywall

    Skylights look great if the drywall is properly finished. The light will reveal any imperfections. Glacier Drywall pays attention to the small details.

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    Glacier Drywall Systems Inc.

    We Take Pride In Drywall

    These ceiling trays in a 16’ high ceiling are a feature of pride for the homeowner. Glacier Drywall pays attention to make sure the corners are straight, the bead is installed square, the mud finishing is perfected and the sanding is finished properly including sponge sanding corners for the perfect finish.

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    Glacier Drywall Systems Inc.

    We Take Pride In Drywall

    Glacier Drywall does T-bar ceiling tile installations as well as non-structural steel stud framing and drywall finishing as in this dental office renovation.

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    Glacier Drywall Systems Inc.

    We Take Pride In Drywall

    Glacier Drywall installs drywall and completes the taping process with attention to detail to provide a clean and attractive finish look.

Our Services

Glacier Drywall is dedicated to quality and craftsmanship.

General Contracting: Small Projects

Small jobs. If you need plumbers, electricians, painters, finishing carpenters, we have developed a list of very competent and trustworthy professionals that we can recommend on projects that we are working on.

Fire Chasing Services

Glacier Drywall has completed fire-chasing repairs and installations in a 2 storey office building, senior residential complex, as well as residential duplexes, townhouses, and 4-plexes.

Renovation and Repair

Glacier Drywall has extensive experience in drywall home renovations. Whether you’ve gutted the entire home down to existing studs, installed a new kitchen and need the drywall repaired, or added an entire new floor above the existing floor we have the skill to insulate, vapor barrier seal, board, tape and texture the walls and ceilings. We can make the old walls look like new again. If you have had water leaks that damaged your ceilings and walls we can repair them like new again, many times without having to redo the entire ceiling.

Residential and Commercial

Our focus is primarily renovation of residences as well as new custom homes, but our skills transfer well into small commercial renovations.

New Builds: boarding, taping, and finishing

Glacier Drywall takes great pride in the quality of workmanship that we bring to every new custom home that we work on.

Interior Steel-stud Construction Framing

Glacier Drywall has the ability to build accent features out of steel. Whether it’s bulkheads, pillars, trays, round features as accents, we have the skill. It takes a bit of time but the results look awesome.

Ceiling Tile and T-Bar Installation

Whether the installation is in a small office building or a basement, we take the time to laser line the ceiling grid so it’s the finished, balanced look that you were aiming for.

Insulation and Poly

In these days of high energy costs it is important to have your home properly insulated and the vapor barrier installed so that the maximum air tight seal is achieved. Glacier Drywall uses acoustic-sealant caulking and/or sheathing tape on all electrical boots, top and bottom wood plates, and on the joint between adjacent studs.

Drywall and Ceiling Texture

This is Glacier Drywall Systems Inc primary focus and we take great pride in perfecting the finish so that your home is a source of pride. Want a stipple (popcorn) ceiling finish, splatter coat, orange peel, knockdown texture, or paint ready ceiling finish? No problem! Tired of your old ceiling finish and want a new upgraded ceiling. Let me tell you about the process that we use to guarantee you a new ceiling you will love.

Exterior Painting

Give your home a complete makeover with our professional exterior painting service. Glacier Drywall Systems Inc provides high-class paint jobs to make the exteriors of residential as well as commercial buildings gorgeous and appealing. We have experienced painters and other skilled staff. For a hassle-free and competitive exterior painting service, contact us at 403-613-4381 and ask for Bob.

Interior Painting

Are you looking for a professional interior painting service in Calgary? At Glacier Drywall Systems, we offer a complete range of interior painting services to fit your style and budget. Our trained and certified painters ensure quality and satisfaction. Make your home interior stunning and refreshing with our experienced team.

"Glacier Drywall did the framing, insulating, drywall and ceilings to paint-ready in our basement. They were on time, did what we asked, when we asked, they were clean, professional, and did a brilliant job. The quotes were so specific, we knew exactly how much it would cost, and it worked out to the penny! Awesome, we'll never use anyone else."

Jenn Turner, Homeowner, Calgary

"I wish every trade would keep us abreast of the schedule like you do."

Mike, Homeowner, Calgary

"Our basement was a mess from the previous owner's attempts at DIY. The work was immense but the transformation was incredible. I can't thank Glacier enough for the time and attention they gave to our home. Our basement is beautiful. Our only regret was that we didn't take before and after pictures."

Dave and Tracy Blaine – Homeowners, Calgary

"Your time and attention to detail, plus your memory, is appreciated and definitely serves to help avoid a trip to our place. Also reflects exceptionally well upon your company. On a side note, one of our parents are getting their basement done by a contractor who has repeatedly over promised and under delivered. You cannot imagine how thankful we are that we did not go with them and chose Glacier."

Richard – Homeowner, Calgary

"I want to thank you so much for sticking with me. I felt that you were someone that I could trust and you gave me some good advice while I was going through all of this. I also want to give recognition to Doug, Conrad and Alan. They all did a very good job and you must be happy to have such capable people on your team. Once again my heart felt thanks to you. All the best,”

Sharon, Hampshire, Calgary