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Do you repair patches?

Yes. Regardless of the reason for the patch, we will fix the walls and/or ceilings.

Do you do painting?

While we do not take on large scale painting jobs, as part of our repair work, if the customer desires to paint only the repair patch, we will take a paint chip, match the paint as best as the supplier can, and paint the repaired area for the client.

Do you do only residential?

No. We also do small commercial renovation work and multi-residential condo and apartment renovation and repairs.

Do you only do drywall?

No. We will also install steel-stud (non-structural only), insulation (batt / blow-fill), ceiling textures and ceiling tile. We do all aspects of drywall, from boarding to finishing.

What are the options for my ceiling?

Your options include: popcorn stipple finish, orange peel, splatter coat, knock-down, paint-ready, level 5 luxury finish for paint ready (optional), radius corners, and border accents.

Can I change my ceiling?

Yes. We will scrape down the existing textured ceiling, float the ceiling, apply stain blockers as required, and finish it to your specifications.

If I want to paint my home, when is the best time to do touchup?

The best time is prior to the priming. For a full touchup, we illuminate the walls with a touch-up light to reveal deficiencies, mud them and sand them out. You’re now ready for priming.

We have water damage from plumbing problems, now my ceiling is stained. Do I have to live with it?

No. Repair the leak and call us to examine the situation once the ceiling is dry. We will provide you with a free in-home assessment.

I want to increase the R-value of my attic insulation. What’s involved?

For all the sections of your attic that are accessible, we will blow-fill additional insulation on top of your existing insulation to whatever depth is needed and possible.

My drywall got wet in a rain leak from failed shingles. Do I have to replace my insulation and drywall?

Perhaps. Contact us for a free in-home assessment once the shingles have been repaired.

Do you recommend wood or steel for a basement?

Both are excellent options. However, we prefer steel as it retains its straight edge and it does not warp, twist or rust. Steel stud is now a highly recommended option for those in flood zones.